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It's a new day.

Everyone gets stuck from time to time. Sometimes, you get really stuck. When you do, it can feel like you're going to stay there forever. That's just what the darkness wants us to believe.

As you approach the dawn, what would you like this new day to look like, and how can we get there? It's okay if you're not sure—figuring it out is part of the fun! We'll approach our time together with compassion, curiosity, and experimentation because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but there is hope for everyone.

Ready for your free 20-minute consultation?

Meet Lee Freeman

"Christian" can mean a lot of things, so let’s unpack it. First of all, you don’t have to agree with Lee to do counseling with him. He is committed to respecting your beliefs and helping you to achieve your goals and unlock your potential either way. That being said, what a counselor believes is essential. For example, Lee recently heard from a client working on marital issues that another counselor he consulted with said, “Why don’t you just go out and have an affair?”


Lee believes there is one authoritative source for healthy living, morality, and purpose: the Bible. Without its clear direction, we often end up drifting toward empty current trends. So what does it mean to work with a Christian counselor? It’s really up to you. Some clients who are believers like to start and/or end each session with prayer; others rarely discuss God directly but are content to know Lee is a brother in Christ.


For clients who aren’t sure about their faith or have questions, it’s a safe place to explore these ideas or not, without fear of judgment either way. As a matter of fact, the Bible has tons of stories of Jesus seeking out people who didn't know Jesus, especially the ones society had rejected, those who considered themselves unworthy, and those who had doubts. And you know what he did? He met them where they were. That's Lee's goal as well!

Photograph of Lee Freeman

A place for healing and growth

The room matters. This suite was carefully designed with comfort, safety, and confidentiality in mind. Well-insulated for sound and temperature, the room features two large windows that get plenty of indirect light, which the plants love. Lamps add a soft, warm glow throughout the space. Less office and more living room, it features a neutral, calming color palette with rich accents to put you at ease—the perfect environment to pursue your goals. Click and drag this virtual tour to explore!


All Lee Freeman Counseling sessions are $135 per hour, self-pay only

Openings available for males 12 years and up, couples, families, and groups

Scholarships may be available for those with financial need

Superbills provided upon request

For services not listed below — such as speaking engagements — please contact Lee


Individual therapy sessions to help you heal, mature, and/or respond to the challenges in your life. Click here to schedule an appointment.


Couples therapy can be more than just learning better communication strategies. Unlock the potential in your relationship. Click here to schedule an appointment.


It can be hard to believe, but a relationship that heals after conflict can end up even stronger than it was before. Find unity after conflict. Click here to schedule an appointment.


I have struggled with issues of addiction and anxiety for most of my adult life. When I began meeting with Lee I felt like I was fighting an impossible fight but with his guidance I soon found freedom! He challenged me to dig into my past trauma and discover how it was playing a role in my life today. I am so grateful for his wisdom and help in my life.


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